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WHS Entrepreneurs Are Takin' Care of BUSINESS!

WHS Entrepreneurs Are Takin' Care of BUSINESS!

Sat, 11/11/2017 - 02:44
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WHS Youth Entrepreneurs had the opportunity to run their own pop up businesses during lunch on Wednesday. They worked in groups and planned and operated their own business..

Throughout the project, students performed market research to determine what they would sell, figured start-up and operating costs, and determined a break-even point.

They also pitched for a loan to start their business. With the loans, the students were able to go on a wholesale field trip day where they purchased their products at Sam’s and also spoke with several businesses about the different aspects of running a business.

After market day, all students had made enough money to repay their loans and got to keep any profit they had made. 

Here are WHS's youth entrepreneurs:

Jaden Adams, Hannah Arebalo, Jacob Brown, Madison Brown, Coulter Dadisman, Jihad Mutazammil, Kaylene Neal, Kaden Niss, Carrie Nuss, Caleb Reichenberger, Emily Templeton and Alexis Tracy

Mrs. Melissa Buchanan, Business and Computer Studies instructor at WHS leads this fine group!

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