Three Knights - ALL TOP 10!

Three Knights - ALL TOP 10!

Wed, 11/08/2017 - 19:53
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This Fall at WMS, something occurred that really doesn't occur very often so it is worthy of mention! It's a very notable year when anyone makes the All-Time Top 10 List at anything. Between early September and early October this Fall, three young Knights, (a 6th grader and "2" 7th graders), all made the WMS 7th Gr Boys Cross Country All-Time TOP 10 List..."3" boys in "ONE" season, on a list that has existed since 1991! That's pretty spectacular! 

On September 12th, 7th grader Jack Wright lit it up at Lake Afton. Jack finished 1st in the 7th Gr Boys 1 Mile, defeating 133 other 7th graders with a time of 5.46 - this time placed Jack on the 7th Grade Boys All-Time Top 10 List @ 4th! Phenomenal Jack!

On September 28th, 6th grader Landyn Glenn demonstrated his abilities, finishing 2nd in the "7th grade" boys race @ Halstead (there aren't 6th grade races at the Middle School events, just 7th and 8th so the 6th graders run with the 7th graders.) Landyn's time of 5.54 in the 1 Mile, tied him for 9th place on the 7th Grade Boys All-Time Top 10 List! Outstanding Landyn!

On October 10th, 7th grader Jax Cornejo took care of business at the Pioneer League Tournament in Winfield, finishing 4th with a time of 5.51 in the 1 Mile. That time placed Jax in 7th on the 7th Grade Boys All-Time Top 10 List ! Awesome Jax!

This past season "2" WHS girls made the WHS Girls All-Time Top 10 List! Congratulations to Mackenzie Heacock and Katrina Dvorak. Still in school and on their respective All-Time Top 10 lists prior to this season are Avery Barker, Hope Maxwell and Tyler Brown.

Kudos to all -
that is some mighty fine running!!

Pictured L to R: Landyn Glenn, Jax Cornejo, Jack Wright

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