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"Egg Drop Challenge" no challenge for "some" Knights!

"Egg Drop Challenge" no challenge for "some" Knights!

Mon, 12/11/2017 - 05:40
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Back Row L to R: Zach Daily, Mathias Klinedinst, McKayla Nichols, Cassie Reed, Tina Jacobs

Frt Row L to R: Logan Swingle, Sonny Lipton

The WMS 8th grade has been working on an "Egg Drop Challenge". Students design their "egg vessels" if you will and determine which prevent the egg from breaking when dropped from different heights. 

First Drop: Track Bleachers
2nd Drop: Bandroom Balcony
3rd Drop: North Exterior Gym Balcony
Final Drop: From atop Cafeteria (by Custodian Troy Jones)

The students pictured above had eggs survive all "4" drop heights. Another group, Abby Mraz, Riley Westmoreland and Crosby Fairbanks were successful through the first "3" drops!

This project was a STEM project (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) involving more than half of the 8th grade class at WMS.

8th Grade Algebra Instructor Traci Hawks
provided the courtesy pics!

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