A Day For "KNIGHTS" To Shine!

A Day For "KNIGHTS" To Shine!

Sat, 03/03/2018 - 15:22
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Jax Cornejo, son of Jesse and Airily Cornejo, a 7th grader at WMS and winner of this past Fall's Sumner County Spelling Bee, carried that title with him to Hays, Kansas today for the Regional Spelling Bee and made it to the 8th round and finished 8th out of 95 participants and medaled to boot!!!

The word Jax went out on..."efficacy"... but spelled some tough ones up to that point! Wellington is very proud of you Jax!! Way to represent KNIGHT!! That is awesome!


Just in from PIONEER LEAGUE WRESTLING in Ark City! The KNIGHTS have "3" Pioneer League Champions!! Congratulations to Mike Cullens, Parker Smith and Hagen Wright! Congrats to the whole squad - many 2nd and 3rd place finishes and medals as well!! Awesome Job Knights - 2nd Place Finish as a team!!

90 - Laken Smith 3rd
95 - Trent Johnson 2nd 
100 - Caiden Hamilton 3rd
105 - Taylor Ellis dnp
110 - Anna Cullens 4th
120 - Caitlyn Hain 3rd
134 - Mike Cullens 1st 
141- Micheal Glover dnp
148 - Parker Smith 1st 
155 - Jeff Berryman 2nd
215 - Parker Dodds 2nd
265 - Hagen Wright 1st 

Ark City 1st
Wellington 2nd
Mulvane 3rd 
Winfield 4th 
Eldorado 5th 
Clearwater 6th

Ark City 199
Wellington 144
Mulvane 139
Winfield 135
Eldorado 115
Clearwater 110

Congratulations Jax, Mike, Parker and Hagen - today you 4 young men represented well!! Awesome gentlemen!!

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