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West Beats East @ 46th Annual Shrine Bowl 26-7

West Beats East @ 46th Annual Shrine Bowl 26-7

Sun, 06/09/2019 - 02:00
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Courtesy Pics - Shelley Hansel - THANKS!

The 46th annual Shrine Bowl took place Saturday evening in Dodge City. Wellington's DeAndre Washington was a member of the "WEST" squad, the 1st Wellington Crusader to be selected for the Shrine Bowl since Tim Lira in 2003. DeAndre and his teammates had to be all smiles at the end of 4, pulling out a 26-7 victory over the East squad, in front of a large crowd at Dodge's Memorial Stadium. Congratulations to DeAndre - it sounds like the overall experience for all the participants will be in their memories for a lifetime!

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