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Bank of Commerce "SUPERFAN" Awards Announced!

Bank of Commerce "SUPERFAN" Awards Announced!

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 04:30
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Congrats to Lucy Arebalo on being the Parent SuperFan of the fall, she earned 120 point while using the app to check in!

WHS Athletic Director Luke Smith has been busy this week handing out SUPERFAN Awards on behalf of the Bank of Commerce and the CRUSADER APP sponsored by the bank. Users can "check-in" when at events and earn points in the process. Those with the most points at season's end, win prizes!! Above & below are those prizes and winners recently awarded and announced!!

Superfan Awards
Congrats to Mr Tim Green on being the Teacher SuperFan of the fall by checking in at events. On the app, he earned 80 points. 

Superfan Awards
Congrats to Shaylon Leverich for being the Student Superfan of the fall by checking in during fall events she earned 150 points, inside the water jugs are several additional gifts from Wellington's Bank of Commerce!

Thanks to all for participating - get ready for WINTER SPORTS - thank you BANK OF COMMERCE for sponsoring the "NEW" CRUSADER APP and nice prizes!!

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