Class of 1967 (WHS)


The Class of 1967 will be holding their 50th Year Class Reunion October 20 & 21, 2017 - during the Fall Festival.
Friday - Oct. 20th - Andrea (Ramey) Day's home - 6 p.m. (Casual & ONLY Free to those having paid reservations for Saturday's Banquet).

Saturday - Oct. 21st - Banquet -  Kansas Star Event Center - 6 p.m. - Business/Casual.

Crusader Baseball - Younger vs Older (well, kind of)

Some fun baseball action on July 28th at Hibbs-Hooten...some recent grads (mostly 2015) and present Crusader varsity players squared off in a pick-up game if you will - 9 innings of Crusader brotherhood and family...these pics speak to that. It was great to see everyone even though they just graduated 2 years ago!  (They're always in a hurry to get out of high school and then they can't wait to get back) - that is called "normal" and I love it!! CRUSADERS FOR LIFE!