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                                             At WHS ORIENTATION on Tuesday - SOPHS, JUNIORS & SENIORS Must Bring Your Student ID's - thanks!

              AUG. 19 / OPEN HOUSE @ WHS & ALL SCHOOLS 4PM-6PM
                                     FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - AUG. 20*

                                    *WHS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th
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                                  No Lunch Served / Busses Will Run

                                 *WMS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th
only 6th Grade will report (all day) at WMS
             7th & 8th Grades 
will report for their first day on Aug. 21st 
                                             AUG. 30th - No School

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"Agriculture Education School Farm" Sign Is Up!

"Agriculture Education School Farm" Sign Is Up!

Tue, 01/08/2019 - 14:23
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Tuesday, WHS students in the Ag Leadership class took advantage of the good weather to finally install the new Agriculture Education School Farm sign across the street from the Agriculture Building on the Farm Property.

The Ag Fabrication, and Advanced Ag Welding classes built the sign and students in the Ag Leadership class painted the sign last fall.

With the sun shining today and a light breeze, students dug the holes and put the sign up. Students will be finishing the chicken coop this spring and will be planting alfalfa in the field!

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