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Thu, 06/29/2017 - 15:34
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State Tennis @ Pratt (4A)

State 4A Girls Tennis @ Pratt

Had a big day the first day, and even bigger day on day 2. Finished 1 point out of second and third, that stung a little, but some of that was out of our control, we did the things we had to do by getting wins on day 2.

Abby Lowe 2nd year being a state qualifier, won her first match 6-1,6-1 over Wyse from Hays, then she lost to the state runner-up Schabel from Independence in a great match that Abby played so well losing 6-3,6-4.  She then won two more over Becker from Marysville 9-1, then in a crazy match when it was getting dark she played Scharenberg from Circle.  Abby was up 8-6 when the girls couldn't see because there were no lights on the court.  They moved courts about about a 15 minute wait.  Scharenberg tied the match at 8-8 and they were in a tiebreak and Lowe was down 2-4, then a breaker went out and the lights went off again, they had to wait another 15 minutes to move to the only two courts with lights.  Lowe lost the first point going down 2-5, then rallied 5 straight points to win 7-5 in the tiebreak.  That guaranteed her a medal at state.  Day 2 Lowe lost to Ruffin from Collegiate 1-9, then lost to Allen from McPherson 2-9.  In her final match she played Trout from Independence and won 9-4, to place 11th.  Lowe finished her career with 81 wins.  

The Rusk sisters had a tremendous state tournament after placing 4th in regionals last week.  The pair opened up with Bishop Miege and won 6-1,6-4,then they ran into Edmonson/Bruce from McPherson who finished 4th overall and lost 3-6,3-6.  This put the sisters on the backside and they faced Parsons and won 9-5.  In their next match they met a familiar opponent who they played at regionals also Withrow/Lair from Collegiate.  The Rusk sister jumped on them early and played one of their best matches at state and won 9-0.  That guaranteed them a medal at state also.  On day 2 they opened up with Maddex/Sagehorn from Andover Central who they lost to at regionals.  Maddex was the state runner-up in doubles last year.  The Rusks won a hard fought battle in a tiebreak winning 9-8(7-2).  They then played Holthaus and Williams the regional winner from Marysville in the Topeka Hayden regional.  The Rusk sister jumped on them early with great net play 7-1.  Marysville charged back a little but the Rusk girls held on to win 9-4.  This put them in the 5th/6th place match against King/Marquez from Independence who the girls lost to earlier this season 2-8.  Again Avery and Rylee came out very strong and got a good lead early.  Independence charged back and even called for a line judge on match point to try and rattle the sisters.  After about 10 match points for Wellington the sisters finally put the match away and won 9-6.  Unbelievable, I knew they could medal and they were good, but they went on a nice run this weekend.  6-1 at the state tournament for these two.  Avery went to state the two years she played.  Rylee ties the Wellington record for the highest place for a freshman with Kylie Aufdengarten taking 5th place.  Rylee also sets the all time single season win mark with 33 wins breaking Lexis Hibbs and Kaitlyn Buck's record with 32.  Avery Rusk is tied for 2nd getting 32 wins this season.  Avery finishes her two years with 51 career wins.  Rylee was also the highest placing freshman in this years state tournament.

Mekenna Adams & Kylie Aufdengarten got a first round bye because they placed 2nd at regionals.  They faced Walker/McChristian from Ark City in the second round and won 6-1,6-0.  This pitted them against Holthaus/Williams from Marysville, a regional winner.  The match was tight at first, but Wellington prevailed 6-4,6-3.  The win in this quarterfinal match guaranteed the pair a top 4 finish.  Day 2 began against Ark City's Burr/Weathers the defending 5A state champions.  Ark City jumped out to a 3-0 lead but Adams and Aufdengarten responded winning 3 in a row to tie it up.  Ark City went up 4-3, and the rains hit delaying things for about 2 hours.  Ark City responded after the break winning 6-4.  In the next set Wellington jumped up 2-0, and then had a 4-3 lead on Ark City and the rains hit again.  After about a 15-20 minute wait Ark City again got it's composure and won again 6-4.  Seemed like every time we got the momentum the rains hit.  After the loss it sent Adams and Aufdengarten to the 3rd/4th place match where they met up with McPherson's Edmonson and Bruce another regional winner.  Wellington had the lead in the first set, but lost it at 5-6, then Wellington tied it up and a tiebreak was played.  Wellington jumped out to a 5-2 lead, but soon it was 5-4.  Wellington questioned a call at that time, so McPherson called a line judge on themselves.  After that the Wellington pair won 2 straight points to win the tiebreak.  In the next set Adams and Aufdengarten jumped up 3-0, but then all of a sudden it was tied at 3-3.  Wellington held the lead each time, and finally put the match away 6-4.  What an awesome weekend, we never talked about it but we wanted to finish higher than last year in a much deeper draw, but we didn't know if it was possible.  So proud of these two, Mekenna has given so much to this program.  Adams is the only Wellington tennis player to medal all 4 years taking 9th with Maggie Fink, 7th with Madison Adams, 5th with Aufdengarten, and now 3rd with Aufdengarten.  She ends her career with 109 wins which ranks 2nd behind Lexis Hibbs and Kaitlyn Buck who had 114.  Aufdengarten was the highest placing sophomore in the state tournament this year, and now has 56 career wins in two years.  We have some very big shoes to fill with us losing Mekenna, Avery, Abby, and Lexi Saffell.  

Wellington finished 4th in 2009.  

2017 REGIONAL @ Collegiate

UPDATE: Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017

Coach Brian Aufdengarten's Regional perspective:

"Day 1 was very exciting qualifying 5 of our players and all guaranteed a state trip on the first day.

Mekenna Adams & Kylie Aufdengarten received the #2 seed and won over Trinity and Andover Central putting them in the semifinals.

Avery Rusk & Rylee Rusk got the #4 seed and won over Pratt and in a thrilling three set match over Collegiate.  This put them in the semifinals also.

Abby Lowe seeded #7 probably pulled off the biggest upset on the day in any 4A regional.  She beat a Pratt player, then beat the #2 seed from Circle, an exchange student that came in 17-1.  This put her in the semifinals also.

Jacelyn Buck won her opening match over Augusta, but then lost to a Collegiate player.  This kept her alive for day 2.

Day 2 had its ups and downs, after a great first day.  We finished 1-6 in matches on the day.

Adams and Aufdengarten won their first match 6-0,6-1 over Andover Central.  Half that Andover Central team was state runner up in doubles last season.  This pitted them in the championship against the #1 seed from Collegiate.   We battled hard and played very well just didn't win a lot of deuce points and lost 6-2,6-4.  We played well Collegiate put their singles player that finished 2nd last year at state in doubles, they are pretty darn good.

The Rusk sisters came up short in both of their matches losing to Collegiate 6-1,6-3, and losing to Andover Central 6-3,6-3.  I'm proud of these two sometimes it is tough playing with a sibling and they've done really well.  The pair finished 4th overall.

Lowe also came up short on both her matches as she played against two very good Collegiate players.  Abby had such a nice day Friday, that might be one of the biggest upsets I've had by a singles player.  We didn't think of it as an upset necessarily, but that usually doesn't happen.  Lowe finished 4th.

Buck jumped up early against her player from Andover Central 2-0, but after the Andover Central player won 4 straight games, Buck never really recovered.  She just got frustrated with how things were going in the match.  She came close but with the loss was eliminated.

Team Standings

Collegiate 20

Andover Central 16

Wellington 15

Circle 7

Augusta 0

El Dorado 0

Pratt 0

Ulysses 0

Wichita Trinity 0

This was a tough regional, we are probably a stronger team this year, but we missed the runner-up plaque by 1 point.  We actually had more team points than we did last year when we took 2nd.  Collegiate was the only team to take their entire team out of this regional, all the rest of us knocked each other out."


Regional 4A Tennis concludes at Collegiate - "5" Lady Crusaders finish in TOP 6 and will advance to next weekend's State 4A Tournament in Pratt - congratsto all for their efforts!!!

Collegiate - 20
Andover Central - 16
Wellington - 15

Mekenna Adams / Kylie Aufdengarten - 2nd place

Avery Rusk / Rylee Rusk - 4th place

Abby Lowe - 4th place

Jacelyn Buck - missed out on State qualifying by just "1" match - great effort and season Jacelyn!!



AVCTL League Runners-Up 2017

AVCTL League @ Collegiate
Monday, Oct. 2, 2017

Head Girls Tennis Coach Brian Aufdengarten was very happy after Monday's action at Collegiate. It was AVCTL League Tournament time and our Lady Crusaders finished 2nd as a team - Coach Aufty indicated the team hadn't finished that high since 2010. Way to represent LADIES!!

Finishing 1st, Freshman Rylee Rusk beat a decent Winfield player in her first match, then defeated Scharenberg from Circle who was the #1 seed! In the finals, Rylee beat Withrow from Collegiate. Rylee came in 0-0 (Singles) and was the #4 seed. She had played doubles all season with sister Avery.

Finishing 3rd, Mekenna Adams and Avery Rusk beat the #4 seed from Buhler to open, then lost in the semi-finals to the eventual champion Collegiate, 4-6, 5-7. Mekenna and Avery went on to defeat Winfield in their final match. Mekenna and Avery came in 0-0 (Mekenna had paired with Kylie Aufdengarten and Avery with her sister Rylee all season) and were the #5 seed. 

Finishing 2nd, Kylie Aufdengarten and Jacelyn Buck got the #2 seed and finished where they got seeded. They defeated El Dorado and Circle in their first two matches, but didn't have a lot of answers against the Lair sisters from Collegiate in the final.

Finishing 4th, Abby Lowe who had some long matches on the day after getting the #4 seed. Abby defeated McPherson in a super tiebreak, then lost to the #1 seed from Circle 4-6, 5-7. In her final match she lost in a super tiebreak to Nihart from Winfield.

"I'm very proud of the girls." Coach Aufdengarten

So are all of us in the community Coach!! AWESOME!!

AVCTL League @ Collegiate
Thursday, Sep. 28, 2017

Congratulations to the WHS JV Girls Tennis team - the 6 young ladies were in competition Thursday at the JV AVCTL LEAGUE TOURNAMENT @ Collegiate and came away with a strong 3rd place finish! Here's how it all shook out:

JV League at Collegiate

#1 Singles Lexi Saffell 2-1  2nd Place overall

#2 Singles Calli Hatfield 2-1  2nd Place overall

#1 Doubles Natalie Henning & Olivia Brand  1-2  4th Place Overall

#2 Doubles Adaysia Love & Jennifer Walters  2-1  5th Place overall

Team Standings

Collegiate  70

Buhler   55

Wellington  48

Winfield  39

Circle  29

Augusta  17

McPherson  15

El Dorado  7

The Varsity Girls will be in League Action at Collegiate on Monday - GOOD LUCK TO THEM! REGIONALS are next weekend and then STATE, the weekend after that!! It's going to be exciting!


If this article was about WHS matches lost at the Kingman Invitational on Tuesday by our Varsity Girls Tennis squad, the article would end here. So instead, let's talk about the perfect day for the team and a career benchmark set by Senior Mekenna Adams.

Wellington dominated, 13-0 as a team in match play, 4 "1st" place finishes and of course on top of the team totals, defeating Buhler, Valley Center, Kingman, Haven and Nickerson. Here are the totals:

Wellington 34, Buhler 24, Valley Center 16, Kingman 14, Haven 6 and Nickerson 3.

Image removed.

#1 Singles Abby Lowe went 3-0, beat Nickerson 7-4, beat Valley Center 7-0, and won the finals over Roe from Kingman 7-2.  Abby has had two good tournaments in a row for us

Image removed..

#2 Singles Jacelyn Buck went 3-0 also beating Valley Center 7-2, beating Kingman 7-0, and Buhler 7-2.  Jacelyn as well continues to play well for us and is now 19-5 on the season.

Image removed.
#1 Doubles Mekenna Adams (right) & Kylie Aufdengarten (left) went 3-0 also beating Kingman 7-0, then beating a Valley Center team that finished 5th at state in 5A last year 7-3.  In the finals they beat a good Buhler team 7-2.  Adams surpassed the 100 career win mark in her second match. Mekenna ended the day with her 101st career win. just sliding by her first cousin Erianne (graduated in 2012) who had 100 during her storied career too as a Lady Crusader tennis player. Only "5" previously in WHS history have hit the 100 win career mark. We now have 6! (Erianne Adams  100, Mekenna Adams 101, Dani Anderson 105, Kailey Jenkins 107, Kaitlyn Buck 114 and Lexis Hibbs 114).

Awesome job Mekenna! Mekenna has partnered with Maggie Fink, sister Madi and Kylie Aufdengarten during this run.

Image removed.

#2 Doubles Avery Rusk & Rylee Rusk went 4-0 in the tournament, beating Haven 7-0, Kingman 7-1, Valley Center 7-1, and Buhler in the finals 7-4.  The wins today moved the sisters to 22-5 on the season.

It's VARSITY AVCTL LEAGUE Tournament time on MondayTBA (Oct. 2nd) @ Wichita Collegiate. JV AVCTL LEAGUE is even sooner,  this Thursday, also at Collegiate, beginning at 10AM. Good Luck to all of our Lady Crusaders at LEAGUE and beyond! 


Congratulations to our Lady Crusader Varsity Girls Tennis Team!! A strong finish on Saturday and are ranked #4 in 4A by the Kansas Tennis Coaches Association!

The Lady Crusaders finished 7th as a team out of 18 at Saturday's Tournament of Champions at Wichita Collegiate.  Schools that beat us were #1 and #3 teams in 6A rankings, #2, #3, and #4 teams in 5A rankings, and #1 team Collegiate in 4A rankings.  We finished ahead of all other ranked teams #2 Independence, and #3 McPherson.

8th Place - Kylie Aufdengarten and Mekenna Adams 


11th Place - Abby Lowe


21st Place - Rylee Rusk and Avery Rusk


25th Place - Lexi Saffell


Adams/Aufdengarten beat Osner/Mies - Conway Springs 8-0, beat Arnold/Vo - Maize 8-1, lost to Tran/Pasner - Blue Valley North 2-8, lost to House/Baldwin - Kapaun 4-8, lost to Steven/Steven - Bishop Carroll 3-8.

Lowe beat Sutton - Blue Valley 8-1, lost to C. Kuckelman - Blue Valley North 1-8, beat Fury - Kapaun 8-4, lost to Schabel - Independence 3-8, beat Stranghoner - Bishop Carroll 8-6.

Rusk/Rusk lost to Adams/Cunningham - Maize 6-8, beat Walker/McChristan - Ark City 8-5, lost to King/Marquez - Independence 2-8, beat Woelke/Koester - Conway Springs 8-6, beat Allen/Carlson - McPherson 8-3.

Saffell lost to K. Truong - Goddard Ike 7-8(5-7), lost to Hoag - Ark City 6-8, beat Bruce - McPherson 8-7(7-1), beat Tee - Andover 8-5, and beat Hicks - Parsons 8-5. 

NEXT ACTION: Tuesday @ Kingman HS - 3:00PM


The Wellington JV Girls Tennis Quad was held Thursday afternoon at 9th St, it was hot as we knew September might be after such a pleasant August! The young ladies stayed hydrated and it was a close finish with Eisenhower just edging out the JV Lady Crusaders to claim 1st place team finish. 

#1 Singles Natalie Henning 1-2 / 4th
#1 Doubles Shilynn Gustason & Adaysia Love 3-0 / 1st
#2 Singles Olivia Brand 3-0 / 1st
#2 Doubles Raeawna Nutt & Jennifer Walters 2-1 / 2nd

Eisenhower - 25
Wellington - 22
Chaparral - 5
Neodesha - 3

Good Job Lady Crusaders!


Our Varsity Girls Tennis Team was in action for the 4th time this season at the Pratt Invitational and they did what they do best - win! 4 Meets 4 Team Victories! This group of young ladies are "4-midable"!!! 

Congratulations to #1 Doubles Mekenna Adams and Kylie Aufdengarten who finished first...on the day cumulatively, the duo played 33 sets of tennis and won 32 of them. 

Congratulations to #1 Singles Jacelyn Buck who finished 2nd. Lost 7-8 (5) in a tie-breaker in the final match.

Congratulations to #2 Doubles Calli Hatfield and Natalie Henning who finished 3rd, winning 8-1 in their final match.

Congratulations to #2 Singles Lexi Saffell who finished 1st. Won 32 of 36 sets on the day.

Other teams at the invitational included host Pratt,Sterling, Ulysses, Chaparral, Kingman, Larned, Greeley County and Lyons.

Next action this coming Tuesday at Conway Springs! (w/ Eisenhower and South Barber) GOOD LUCK LADY CRUSADERS!!

These young ladies ARE GOOD! :)


Jacelyn Buck

Varsity girls tennis team won it's second straight meet with 34 team points.

#1 Singles Jacelyn Buck took 1st place and played well, best win was over Roe from Kingman who finished 11th at 3A state last season.  She was down 3-4 and came back to win 6-4.  She went 4-0 on the day to win her second straight tournament.

#1 Doubles Avery Rusk and Rylee Rusk went 4-0 and only gave up 2 games on the day.  

#2 Singles Lexi Saffell found herself in a three way tie for 1st place but took home the 3rd place medal on percentage points for the tiebreaker.  She had a great come from behind match against Roth from Kingman being down 1-5, and won 7-5.  

#2 Doubles Calli Hatfield and Natalie Henning went 2-1 on the day good for 2nd place and had a very close loss 5-7 to Chaparral.

Coach Aufdengarten stated, "Girls did well we mixed our lineup up a bit to give some others a chance at varsity.  We have a busy week this week going to Circle on Thursday and Pratt on Saturday".



WHS Girls Tennis 2017

Our Varsity Girls Tennis team saw their first action of the season Tuesday here at HOME at the 9th St. Courts. The Lady Crusaders hosted Eisenhower HS, Conway Springs (ranked 3rd in 3A) and Buhler (ranked 8th in 4A). Pre-season polls had placed Wellington at 5th in 4A. Obviously some good tennis was going to get played Tuesday and Wellington lead the way in that department, finishing FIRST as a team / check out these numbers:

In #1 Doubles, Senior Mekenna Adams and Sophomore Kylie Aufdengarten went 3-0 (8-3, 8-1, 8-4) on the day after going 1-2 in this same tournament last season. Both were also recently named as 1 of the top 10 Doubles Players in the State by "Varsity Kansas" ( In #2 Doubles, Senior Avery Rusk and Freshman sibling Rylee Rusk also placed first, finishing at 2-1. (8-1, 8-2, 2-8) In #1 Singles, Senior Abby Lowe, in the toughest division of the day (with all players making the State Tourney last  year) battled hard and ended up 0-3. (4-8, 4-8, 1-8). In #2 Singles, Junior Jacelyn Buck finished first going 3-0 (8-7, 8-4, 8-4), defeating a couple of pretty good opponents according to Coach Aufdengarten. Coach Aufty called it a "decent start"but added "there are many things to improve on..." 

Wellington 19
Buhler 18
Conway Springs 14
Eisenhower 9

Wellington's Varsity will see action again next Tuesday here at HOME when they host Chaparral, Kingman, Collegiate and Winfield.




WHS Girls Tennis 2017

BACK ROW L to R: Rylee Rusk, Jacelyn Buck, Jennifer Walters
KNEELING L to R: Calli Hatfield, Kylie Aufdengarten, Raeawna Nutt, Olivia Brand, Natalie Henning
SITTING L to R: Shilynn Gustason, Adaysia Love, Abby Lowe, Mekenna Adams, Avery Rusk, Lexi Saffell

It was TEAM PIC time for the Lady Crusader Tennis Team on Monday. Click below and meet the ladies!



Mekenna Adams SENIOR

The WHS Girls Tennis team has been hard at it all week, this first official week of FALL SPORT PRACTICES across the State. Coaches Brian Aufdengarten and Daphne Adams were putting the girls through their tennis rigors Thursday evening at the Crusader Courts on 9th St. They have a lot of fun at their sport and the coaches account for a lot of that. The numbers are down from last year but some very quality players returning for action this year nonetheless. They have a lot of talent, just not as much depth. "4" Seniors, all State Tournament Qualifiers last season will lead the Lady Crusaders this Fall. Mekenna Adams, Avery Rusk, Lexi Saffell and Abby Lowe. Mekenna has qualified for State and medaled all 3 of her underclassman seasons. A lot of excitement lies ahead for sure!

Their first Varsity action will be on Tue. Aug. 29th, hosting Buhler, Conway Springs and Eisenhower HS’s down at the 9th street courts. That action will get underway at 3:00PM. The weather Thursday evening at the courts was PERFECTO…very nice temperatures and not a puff of wind…perfect tennis conditions and the girls and coaches were enjoying it. The temps on the cement courts "seem" to get as high as 120 or so when it’s HOT & SUNNY so cooler weather this time of year is much appreciated no doubt! Probably won't last. 





WHS Doubles Partners Mekenna Adams and Kylie Aufdengarten 
after advancing to final day action in Winfield today at the State 4A Girls Tennis Championships, downed Collegiate in a tie-breaker 9-8 (7-5) to finish 5th!! The duo will be bringing home the hardware - check out more from the State 4A Tennis Tourney - STATE 4A TENNIS WRAP-UP

Congrats to Avery Rusk and Lauryn Snipes as well as Abby Lowe and Lexi Saffell - all battled hard on Friday but came up short on the Saturday call sheet. Great seasons for all of them!!






Lady Crusader Tennis
 Lauryn Snipes
NOTE: Of the 21 teams represented at the State 4A Tournament this weekend, "7 Teams" arrive with a full contingent of qualifiers (6). The Lady Crusaders are 1 of the 7!

Lauryn Snipes * Mekenna Adams
Abby Lowe * Lexi Saffell
Avery Rusk * Kylie Aufdengarten


COURT ACTION will commence around 11:30AM today and then conclude beginning at 9:00AM on Saturday.
T.H. Vaughan Tennis Center, 1400 Mound Street
Winfield, KS 67156


Lady Crusader Tennis
The WHS JV Girls Tennis squad hosted 
Circle, Derby and Eisenhower Monday at the 9th St. Courts with some awesome outcomes!


Lady Crusader Tennis

Wellington White 34
Goddard Eisenhower 26
Chaparral 18
Wellington Red 17
Neodesha 5

#1 singles Natalie Henning 4-0 1st place
#1 doubles Brentasia Cramer & Shilynn Gustason 4-0 1st place
#2 singles Faith Rowley 2-1 2nd place
#1 doubles Adaysia Love & Mariah Pruitt 3-1 2nd place
#1 singles Hattie Staley 2-2 3rd place
#2 doubles Raeawna Nutt & Maggie McMinn 2-2 3rd place


Lady Crusader Tennis
The Varsity Squad hosted a QUAD this week
 on Tuesday down at the 9th St. Courts – they did not lose 1 match!! Awesome!

Wellington 30 / Chaparral 15
Winfield 12 / Kingman 3

#1 Singles Abby Lowe went 3-0 for first place. Won over Winfield 8-4, over Chaparral 8-7(8-6), and over Kingman 8-3. #2 Singles Jacelyn Buck went 3-0 for first in her first action on the season. Won over Winfield 8-3, over Chaparral 8-4, and Kingman 8-3. #1 Doubles Lauryn Snipes & Avery Rusk went 3-0for first place. Beat Winfield 8-1, beat Chaparral 8-4, and beat Kingman 8-3. #2 Doubles Madison Lewellen & Lexi Saffell also went 3-0 for first. Won over Winfield 8-1, beat Chaparral 8-0, and beat Kingman 8-0.


Lady Crusader Tennis
The Varsity Girls Tennis team held their season opener 
Tuesday at the 9th St. Courts - hosting Buhler, Goddard Eisenhower and Conway Springs. It was a close battle but in the end the Wellington Girls came out on top - this is the first time Wellington has won this tournament outright since 2012. Here are the team and individual results - awesome job Ladies!!

Wellington 16, Buhler 15, Goddard Eisenhower 15 and Conway Springs 14 (that was a battle!)
#2 Singles Madison Lewellen went 3-0 for a 1st place finish! #2 Doubles Lauryn Snipes and Avery Rusk went 2-1 for 2nd. #1 Singles Abby Lowe and #1 Doubles Mekenna Adams and Kylie Aufdengarten both finished 3rd!