STATE 4A GIRLS GOLF - POSTPONED FOR TODAY @ HUTCH - SLATED FOR TUESDAY NOW!


Fall Sports Practices Have Commenced!

Fall Sports across the State of Kansas gets underway today, Monday, Aug. 14th! The WHS Volleyball and WHS Football squads got an early start on the day and the season, the former began @ 6:00AM, the latter 6:30AM. Both are holding 2-a-days all week so it won't be long until regular season action across the board gets underway. Also starting this morning at 8:00AM were the 6th-12th grade Cross Country athletes. Nearly 50 of them met behind WMS for 1st day stuff and then headed over towards 9th street for some running.

Wellington Represents at 19th Annual Babe Ruth Classic!

The 19th annual Babe Ruth Classic was held Sunday in Council Grove. This annual event show-cases the best 15 yo Babe Ruth baseball players from around the State of Kansas.

They are divided into two teams, the RED TEAM which features western KS players and the BLUE TEAM which features eastern KS players. This year Wellington not only had “4” young men on the BLUE TEAM, the BLUE TEAM itself was managed by Kerwin Spencer who is a Babe Ruth Board Member.

Unseasonable Temps For Conditioning Tests @ WHS Saturday

It was CONDITIONING TEST time at WHS today for all of the SUMMER PSQ'rs headin' into official Fall football practice come Monday morning at  6:30AM. Most did a great job, some didn't even have to do it because they had perfect attendance all summer long - that pays off two ways - you get in shape because you are there all summer and because you were there, you don't have to prove you got in shape!! :) Life isn't always complicated!!