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Wrestlers Finish 3rd @ Halstead/Young Moves to 22-0!

After the Friday portion of the Halstead Wrestling Invitational was cancelled due to road conditions, it was combined with Saturday's schedule and the 17 team Halstead meet is now in the can. Our Crusaders fared quite well, finishing 3rd in the 17 team field. Senior Brennan Cantrell went 4-0, all PINS over his opponents from Lyons (2), Marion and Cheney.

"2" More "W's" For Our Ladies!

The Lady Crusaders SWEPT for the 5th time this season, taking care of business with the visiting Lady Spartans of Collegiate on Tuesday at WHS. Traditionally, the Lady Crusaders have done well against the Lady Spartans, that tradition continues. We don't have a lot of height but compensate for that with good ball handling and speed. The JV continues with the EGG in the loss column, moving to 8-0 after a battle with the visiting Spartans.

Collegiate Boys Outgun Crusaders

The Varsity Crusader Boys shot out to an 11-3 lead on Collegiate Tuesday evening, didn't take the Spartans long to "right" their ship and by 1st quarters' end, Collegiate was up 30-15, at halftime 42-20. The Spartans were high percentage shooters, knocking down "10" 3's to the Crusaders "5", and did so with high accuracy. They had the height advantage as well. Collegiates' platooning system allows a fresh five on the court a greater amount of time, too. A Purdue University scout was on hand, checking out one (or more, I don't know) of the Spartans.

Clearwater Boys claim the Spoils

The Clearwater boys went home with "3" W's Friday evening, defeating the WHS V, JV & C Teams to achieve that end. Certainly were not blowouts, and one, very close. The boys in red will rebound. A  young bunch overall, nice performances by several - as those individual performances transition into team performances, watch out. There is talent on the court. Many smiles to come.