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2004 to Present


Varsity Girls Wrestling @ Wichita North 010822

@ Wichita North High School
Saturday, January 8, 2022


109 Deighlynn Lea 2-2  5th
115 Nexy Young 2-1 2nd
120 Isabelle Cullens 2-2 5th
138 Kaitlyn Hain 4-0  1st
155 Kaylee Horineck 2-1  2nd
191 Aubrey Hunt 2-1 3rd
235 Averie Burns 2-1  2nd

Team finished tied for 3rd with WICHITA West
Wichita North won it / Kapaun runner up

2022 WHS.CC College Laptop (Asst Prog Info)

PLEASE NOTE:  A new 2022 Application Form is located in WHS Guidance Office. You'll have approx. 7-8 weeks to get the form, you fill out your part and a parent and or guardian's signature as well, then turn back in to the WHS Guidance Office by the deadline. I strongly suggest you take CELL PHONE PIC of completed form for future reference. Also NOTE: the deadline is clear, failure to turn it in ON TIME, will be too late - NO EXCEPTIONS! (DEADLINE IS FEB. 24, 2022 3:30PM)

WHS Girls Basketball vs Winfield

 The Lady Crusaders, not only ranked 3rd overall in 4A basketball state-wide by the Kansas Basketball Coach Association, they are also undefeated 7-0! They are composed and take challenges head on, they are fun to watch. The Lady Vikings came to town 3-1, and left with an “L”, actually not surprising to the home fans, but everyone knows anything can happen, last night, it was the expected, not the surprise in the end. The Lady Vikings road back to Winfield, 3-2, but certainly a team with potential.

WHS Boys Basketball vs Winfield

The Crusader squad has been on a roll the last two games, beating league opponent (Rose Hill) last Friday, there, by 1 point, I guess the 1 pt victories are as good of win as any, last night, in OT, the 0-4, now 0-5 Varsity Winfield Vikings, lost by 1, giving Wellington a 3-4 record going in to break. Kudos to Head Coach Joe Newman last Friday, kudos to Asst, move up to Head Coach, Chad Whaley last night. Head Coach Newman was ill and could not attend. Chad stepped up to help and snagged the 2nd victory in a row!