The "Knights' Roundtable" is coming to WMS!
                                                                                               INFO ABOUT LAST "3" WEDNESDAYS THIS SCHOOL YEAR


"Reality U" was Really Real!

"Reality U" is about teaching teens how their performance in school today can affect their future. It provides students with the opportunity to learn and practice personal finance skills. It can mobilize the community to become involved stakeholders in education, particularly financial literacy education in their local schools. Through their 1 1/2 hour adventure, called "Reality U", the student uses rational decision-making and planning to set and implement financial goals.

Softball Update - Crusaders/Andale Split in Double-Header Opener

A very strong 3rd, 4th and 5th inning for the Lady Crusaders in their season opener Thursday at Worden Park, lead to a 5 inning run-rule victory over the visiting Lady Indians from Andale, final score 14-4. Wellington had 10 hits and 4 errors to Andale's 4 and 2. Brooke McCorkle (1-0) was on the mound throughout, giving up 4 hits, 4 runs, striking out 4 and walking no one.

A Rusk 2/3 3R 1RBI 1BB

J Buck 2/3 4R 1BB

B McCorkle 1/2 4RBI 1BB 1HBP 1DBL

R Rusk 1/3 2R 2RBI 1BB 2SB

D Parkey 1/4 2RBI