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Boys Basketball Camps Conclude!

New Head Boys Basketball Coach Joe Newman and his staff have been putting area boys through their basketball rigors during this week's 3 day summer basketball camp, which concluded on Wednesday.

All totaled, approx. 50-55 young student-athletes ranging from 4th grade through 12th, met daily to refresh and hone their basic basketball skills, at this half way point between last season's end and next season's beginning. Good group!

Coach Pitch Baseball Commences @ Worden!

"Coach Pitch" League got underway Tuesday evening at Worden Park, for both boys and girls. (We'll have pics of the girls later this week!) "Coach Pitch" League is for younger children, 6-8 and introduces them to the game - Coaches are actively involved with the team members in all aspects of the game, from dugout protocol to what's going on field-wise. I like it because EVERYONE has fun! Lots of smiles and lots of great young athletes beginning their treks upward and onward! 

WHS / WMS Girls Summer Camps! (New Pics Added!)

The WHS & WMS Girls Basketball Camps wrapped up on Friday after "4" days of basketball drills, scrimmaging and team bonding. Coach Eric Adams is impressed with a lot of the girls skill levels and their quickness - DEFENSE is going to be key this coming season and that quickness will definitely come in handy! Not a lot of height to go around, but some quick and talented ball players that will make up for some of that.