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WRC Coach Pitch League Ends!

I enjoy Coach Pitch Baseball & Softball - the future stars of Wellington and the general area!! "I knew them when...." :) Fun stuff - more pics (and the last pics for the 2018 season) at link below! Thanks for your support! We (RED RAVE POSTERS) will have a table setup Thursday at Worden (as you enter or exit) with 100's of photos to peruse! And they're only a buck! (4x6's) Hope to see ya!! 

WHS Clay Target Team Spring 2018

Meet your Spring 2018 WHS Clay Target Team! The Crusaders are Class 1A - Conference 4 members along with Cedar Vale - Dexter, Maize South, Bluestem, Clay Center, Lyons, Meade, and Fairfield.

Back L to R:

Brandon Oleson, Jacob Friesen, Jack Nuss, Coach Jeff Dry, Keven Walker, Jace Lawrence, Cody Metz, Colin Bennett

Front L to R:

Dakota Dry, Kayleigh Smalley, Andi Dry, Taima Graves, Jack Heimer

Not Pictured: Moriah Lyne, Alexis Tracy, Asst. Coach Kaitlin Buck