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Your 2018-2019 WHS Duchess Candidates!

The 2018-2019 WHS Duchess Candidates were announced recently - Coronation is slated for Friday, Sept. 21st @ halftime of the WHS vs Augusta Football Game @ Sellers Park.

Many other festivities surround the Duchess Court between now and then! Formal Pics on the 16th, daily SPIRIT WEEK pics, 17th thru 21st, HOMECOMING PARADE & BONFIRE, 20th, the CORONATION @ the football game on the 21st, and the Dance that follows the game at WHS in the Commons and more!

Candidates Left to Right:

IRONDUKES - 2 WEEKS IN / 1 Loss, 1 Win

The Crusaders got to taste the other end of an xx - 00 score this week, falling to the Andale Indians 28-00 at Sellers Park Friday evening. It was Youth Night, the stands were full of the Crusader faithful, and for the most part, the rains had ended. The field was quite saturated though and by games end, looked much like the tee area at a golf course driving range on 1/2 price day.