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Crusader Baseball - Younger vs Older (well, kind of)

Crusader Baseball - Younger vs Older (well, kind of)

Fri, 07/28/2017 - 21:53
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Some fun baseball action on July 28th at Hibbs-Hooten...some recent grads (mostly 2015) and present Crusader varsity players squared off in a pick-up game if you will - 9 innings of Crusader brotherhood and family...these pics speak to that. It was great to see everyone even though they just graduated 2 years ago!  (They're always in a hurry to get out of high school and then they can't wait to get back) - that is called "normal" and I love it!! CRUSADERS FOR LIFE!

PICS: Brothers Trevor Nance and Trey Cary / Brothers Colin Reichenberger and Caleb Reichenberger / Ryan Jenkins and 3 mo. old daughter / The Higginbothams...Brayden, Ethan and Dad Rob / The Strubles...Skylar, Braden and Dad Nick...also Kevin Blue, Austin Dunn and Adam Condit.

The two teams:

GRAY L to R, back to front - Arlis Troutman, DeAndre Washington, Brayden Higginbotham, Aaron Schoemann, Silas Popplewell, Logan Jones, Gage Cunningham, Michael Ledbetter, Trey Cary, Jack Nuss, Caleb Reichenberger, Julian Jimenez and Austin Sears.

(The old geezers)
RED L to R, back to front
- Chantz Daugherty, Adam Condit, Trevor Nance, Austin Dunn, Dutch Brownlee, Skylar Struble, Coach Whaley, Coach Brownlee, Zack Frederick, Jaden Hines, Caleb Reichenberger, Kevin Blue, Payton Baker.


Who won you ask? Everyone in my opinion.

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