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UPDATE: Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017

Coach Brian Aufdengarten's Regional perspective:

"Day 1 was very exciting qualifying 5 of our players and all guaranteed a state trip on the first day.

Mekenna Adams & Kylie Aufdengarten received the #2 seed and won over Trinity and Andover Central putting them in the semifinals.

Avery Rusk & Rylee Rusk got the #4 seed and won over Pratt and in a thrilling three set match over Collegiate.  This put them in the semifinals also.

Abby Lowe seeded #7 probably pulled off the biggest upset on the day in any 4A regional.  She beat a Pratt player, then beat the #2 seed from Circle, an exchange student that came in 17-1.  This put her in the semifinals also.

Jacelyn Buck won her opening match over Augusta, but then lost to a Collegiate player.  This kept her alive for day 2.

Day 2 had its ups and downs, after a great first day.  We finished 1-6 in matches on the day.

Adams and Aufdengarten won their first match 6-0,6-1 over Andover Central.  Half that Andover Central team was state runner up in doubles last season.  This pitted them in the championship against the #1 seed from Collegiate.   We battled hard and played very well just didn't win a lot of deuce points and lost 6-2,6-4.  We played well Collegiate put their singles player that finished 2nd last year at state in doubles, they are pretty darn good.

The Rusk sisters came up short in both of their matches losing to Collegiate 6-1,6-3, and losing to Andover Central 6-3,6-3.  I'm proud of these two sometimes it is tough playing with a sibling and they've done really well.  The pair finished 4th overall.

Lowe also came up short on both her matches as she played against two very good Collegiate players.  Abby had such a nice day Friday, that might be one of the biggest upsets I've had by a singles player.  We didn't think of it as an upset necessarily, but that usually doesn't happen.  Lowe finished 4th.

Buck jumped up early against her player from Andover Central 2-0, but after the Andover Central player won 4 straight games, Buck never really recovered.  She just got frustrated with how things were going in the match.  She came close but with the loss was eliminated.

Team Standings

Collegiate 20

Andover Central 16

Wellington 15

Circle 7

Augusta 0

El Dorado 0

Pratt 0

Ulysses 0

Wichita Trinity 0

This was a tough regional, we are probably a stronger team this year, but we missed the runner-up plaque by 1 point.  We actually had more team points than we did last year when we took 2nd.  Collegiate was the only team to take their entire team out of this regional, all the rest of us knocked each other out."


Regional 4A Tennis concludes at Collegiate - "5" Lady Crusaders finish in TOP 6 and will advance to next weekend's State 4A Tournament in Pratt - congratsto all for their efforts!!!

Collegiate - 20
Andover Central - 16
Wellington - 15

Mekenna Adams / Kylie Aufdengarten - 2nd place

Avery Rusk / Rylee Rusk - 4th place

Abby Lowe - 4th place

Jacelyn Buck - missed out on State qualifying by just "1" match - great effort and season Jacelyn!!



Our Varsity Lady Crusader Tennis squad shined Friday at the 4A Regional at Collegiate HS. Wellington's #1 Doubles squad, Mekenna Adams and Kylie Aufdengarten were #2 seeds, #2 Doubles Avery and Rylee Rusk, #4 seeds, Jacelyn Buck #4 seed and Abby Lowe #7 seed.

Adams and Aufdengarten went 2-0 Friday to secure their spot at Pratt next weekend - Mekenna's 4th trip to the State 4A tournament in as many years. Quite an accomplishment for that young lady! 

Rusk and Rusk went 2-0 as well and will join their teammates in Pratt next weekend along with Wellington's #1 single  player Abby Lowe. Abby, the #7 seed as noted above, upset the #2 seed to also advance to State action in Pratt.

Jacelyn Buck, after winning her first match 6-0, 6-1 - battled hard in her 2nd match, coming close 2-6, 5-7. Jacelyn remains in the hunt and can still qualify on Saturday. 

Congratulations to all the girls! Here's some pics from Friday's action - GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!!!


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