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Hey Alums! It's CONNECT Time!

Hey Alums! It's CONNECT Time!

Tue, 01/02/2018 - 05:09
Posted in:

THIS MESSAGE IS FOR WHS ALUMS! (anyone can read it but I hope ALUMS do for sure!) It is a bit lengthy but hope you can find time to look it over and help out with the NEW ALUMNI DIRECTORY!!

The WHS Alumni Directory on has been viewable but not accessible for over a year now (due to software issues) - those issues have been corrected as a "NEW" directory has now been setup (under FEATURES tab @ and reflects all the info copied over from the "old" directory.

NOTE: I did receive dozens of revision requests over the past year and a half, while the old directory wasn't accessible - I saved those and have applied them to the NEW Directory so hopefully all of those requests have been achieved...thanks for your patience! (If not, let me know via email address listed at end of this message)

Here's my issue now - I have let the directory info get quite outdated, when social media came along, the directory was used less and less and my attention to it lapsed. (Sorry) At any rate, there are numerous names, emails, etc...listed that shouldn't be, or emails have changed, etc., etc....and not many emails appear on numerous class pages, just kind of a hodge-podge if you will.

Here is where all of the alums can help - please peruse the new directory sometime in your spare time (see link below) and help me locate incorrect info or missing info and help me correct it...

You will notice on some class pages, "IN LOVING MEMORY" sections appear at the bottom of the page...those appear only when someone has notified me of someone's passing. It's not something I've been able to keep up on or nor have I attempted to on my own. If you know of someone that has passed (and be sure about it)**, please let me know and I can post that info on the respective class page. If you don't know with 100% certainty, we best not post it.

**(That happened for a few "hours" 7-8 years ago - fortunately the person providing the erroneous info realized it was erroneous shortly after it was posted and they let me know - off it came!) Whew!

I haven't pushed folks for their emails over the past several years, again because of Social Media, etc...I still think it would be nice to have class listings with emails (not everyone is on Social Media) and it would be one central location for each class to go to for good contact info of their classmates, etc...(will come in handy for REUNIONS, etc.)

So, just wanted folks to know the new directory is up, I am able to make revisions (and it needs many!) - with your help we can really build a good solid data base for each class or individual that wants to participate. Please note, there are 2-3 classes that someone in their class does ALL THE WORK on their pages, providing me with updated info all the time...people in the Classes of 1957 and 1967 should thank Bob Weir and Brenda Wallace (respectively) for the work they do with regards to email addresses, people passing and other class related activities, etc..So, think about being a BOB or a BRENDA for your class! Would love to get that kind of assistance with the directory overall - thanks for your HELP!! Here is the link to the NEW DIRECTORY:

The NEW DIRECTORY is nothing fancy but hope to make it very functional for any or all classes that would like to help rebuild their pages with accurate info!! GO BIG RED!!

Send revision requests here to me at


P.S. I prefer you only provide your own email address for listing...I have had good intentioned folks provide other folks' email addresses in the past but learned then not everyone wants their email address listed - which I understand.

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