WHS Clay Target Team Finishes 25th @ State Tournament

WHS Clay Target Team Finishes 25th @ State Tournament

Sun, 06/17/2018 - 02:15
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Back L to R:

Brandon Oleson, Jacob Friesen, Jack Nuss, Coach Jeff Dry, Keven Walker, Jace Lawrence, Cody Metz, Colin Bennett

Front L to R:

Dakota Dry, Kayleigh Smalley, Andi Dry, Taima Graves, Jack Heimer

Not Pictured: Moriah Lyne, Alexis Tracy, Asst. Coach Kaitlin Buck


SHOOTING SCHEDULE @ State Tournament


The WHS Clay Target Team competed at the State Tournament Saturday in Sedgwick and as a team finished in the middle of the pack. Approx. 50 High Schools from across Kansas were represented, finishing 1st was Cedar Vale - Dexter (479), finishing 2nd was Chaparral HS (471). WHS finished 25th (424). Jack Nuss was WHS Team High Gun Male with an (89) and Taima Graves was WHS Team High Gun Female (78). CONGRATS TO ALL!!!


Meet your Spring 2018 WHS Clay Target Team! The Crusaders are Class 1A - Conference 4 members along with Cedar Vale - Dexter, Maize South, Bluestem, Clay Center, Lyons, Meade, and Fairfield.

(Courtesy www.ksclaytarget.com)

1232 student athletes representing 58 Kansas high school teams are participating the 2018 Kansas State High School Clay Target League’s (KSSHSCTL) spring trap shooting season, which began April 1st. In 2017, 710 student athletes from 39 teams competed.

“Clay target shooting as an activity for Kansas high school athletes continues to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Jim Sable, President of the KSSHSCTL, “The record-setting growth we’ve seen shows the demand for alternative high school activities related to Kansas’ longstanding outdoor traditions.”

The League’s co-ed and adaptive nature are key attractions to high schools in Kansas. The League is fully Title IX compliant with both male and female athletes competing on the same team. Additionally, it’s an ‘adaptive’ sport, which allows students with physical disabilities to take part.

“We take pride in that student athletes of all types are able to participate in clay target shooting,” John Nelson, Vice President of the KSSHSCTL, remarked. “Our True Team® scoring system is also designed so that everyone can compete, not just the top scorers on a team.”

The Spring League culminates with the 2018 State Tournament, where all student athletes are invited to participate in individual and team competitions. The event is scheduled for June 16th at the KTA Homegrounds in Sedgwick.

The Kansas State High School Clay Target League attracts student athletes to participate in shooting sports while creating a ‘virtual’ competition among high school teams throughout Kansas at no cost to the schools. Family travel costs are minimal because practice and competition are conducted at a shooting range near the school’s location. The League is also the safest sport in high school, with no reported injuries since the inception of the League in 2001.

Conferences are determined by team size rather than geographic location for fair competition. Athletes earn True Team® scoring points as determined by their performance and ranking against all athlete scores within their team’s conference. The team score and overall standings are calculated and posted on the League’s website. Athletes and their families may track their individual and team performance on their computer via the League’s website, and by the Shooter Performance Tracker® mobile app.

The Kansas State High School Clay Target League is an affiliate of the USA High School Clay Target League, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The League is an independent provider of shooting sports as an extracurricular co-ed and adaptive activity for high schools and students in grades 6 through 12. The organization’s priorities are safety, fun, and marksmanship – in that order. Each student is required to pass a comprehensive firearm safety education course prior to participation.

Nationwide, nearly 22,000 students representing over 800 school-approved teams participate in the League.

FINAL RESULTS for the season are in, the overall order changed again...Wellington remains in 2nd behind Cedar Vale but CV added to their lead considerably, earning 200+ more points this past week than Wellington - Maize HS returned to the 3rd place position after being edged out week #4 by Meade HS. Lyons, who has been in the cellar all season, moved ahead of Fairfield into 7th.

1st - Cedar Vale - Dexter HS - 4160.5

2nd - Wellington HS - 3383.5

3rd - Maize South HS - 2972

4th - Meade HS - 2917

5th - Bluestem High School - 1949.5

6th - Clay Center HS - 1493.5

7th - Lyons HS - 1067.5

8th - Fairfield HS - 1027.5

Reminder: the Spring League culminates with the 2018 State Tournament, where all student athletes are invited to participate in individual and team competitions. The event is scheduled for June 16th at the KTA Homegrounds in Sedgwick. SHOOTING SCHEDULE @ State Tournament


After "4" weeks, the overall order changed slightly...Wellington remains in 2nd behind Cedar Vale - Dexter HS but gained 13 pts on them! Maize South, trailing Meade HS after "3" weeks by about  50 pts., pulled ahead of Meade securing 3rd, up now over Meade, about 25 pts.

1st - Cedar Vale - Dexter HS - 3285

2nd - Wellington HS - 2710

3rd - Meade HS - 2334.5

4th - Maize South HS - 2312.5

5th - Bluestem High School - 1571.5

6th - Clay Center HS - 1177.5

7th - Fairfield HS - 843

8th - Lyons HS - 821

After "3" weeks of competition, overall order doesn't change - Wellington remains in 2nd!


1st - Cedar Vale - Dexter HS - 2509

2nd - Wellington HS - 1921

3rd - Meade HS - 1803.5

4th - Maize South HS - 1749.5

5th - Bluestem High School - 1167

6th - Clay Center HS - 980

7th - Fairfield HS - 579

8th - Lyons HS - 518


WEEK # 2

1st - Cedar Vale - Dexter HS - 1663.5

2nd - Wellington HS - 1207.5

3rd - Meade HS - 1188.0

4th - Maize South HS - 1087.5

5th - Bluestem High School - 774.5

6th - Clay Center HS - 697.5

7th - Fairfield HS - 471.5

8th - Lyons HS - 221.0


After "1" week of competition, Wellington is in 3rd!

1st - Cedar Vale - Dexter HS - 830.5

2nd - Meade HS - 600.5

3rd - Wellington HS - 537

4th - Maize South HS - 511

5th - Clay Center HS - 472

6th - Bluestem HS - 338

7th - Fairfield HS - 335

8th - Lyons HS - 117



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