OPEN HOUSE USD 353 2019-2020
                                             At WHS ORIENTATION on Tuesday - SOPHS, JUNIORS & SENIORS Must Bring Your Student ID's - thanks!

              AUG. 19 / OPEN HOUSE @ WHS & ALL SCHOOLS 4PM-6PM
                                     FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL - AUG. 20*

                                    *WHS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th
                                                Jrs. & Srs. 8AM-11AM
                                      Freshmen / Sophs. NOON - 3PM
                                  No Lunch Served / Busses Will Run

                                 *WMS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th
only 6th Grade will report (all day) at WMS
             7th & 8th Grades 
will report for their first day on Aug. 21st 
                                             AUG. 30th - No School

  The Bank of Commerce Wellington Crusader APP is ready for launch!

Wellington Crusader APP - Bank of Commerce

WHS Finals Schedule Announced

WHS Finals Schedule Announced

1st semester FINALS SCHEDULE was announced this week at WHS:

Monday, December 17th 

8:00-9:15 * 1st-hour final

9:20-10:35 * 2nd-hour final

10:40-11:55 * 4th hour final

12:00-12:25 * Lunch for all students

12:30-1:45 * 5th-hour final

1:50-3:05 * 6th-hour final

Tuesday, December 18th

8:00-9:25 * 7th-hour final

9:30-10:55 * 8th-hour final

All students will be released for the Winter Break at 10:55

School resumes for teachers on Wednesday, January 2, 2019
School resumes for students on Thursday, January 3, 2019