Special K Basketball - Wichita East vs Wellington

Special K Basketball - Wichita East vs Wellington

Fri, 02/08/2019 - 20:13
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Members of the Wellington Crusaders:
#1 Alisa "LiLi" Walters
#2 Donovan "White Lightning" Kreifels
#3 Sierra "Sassy" Jackson
#4 Jerren the "Foreman"
#5 Mallory "Pinkie" Parsons
#7 Evan "Quick Silver" Lansden
#14 Ana "The Cleaner" Sparks
#18 Jessie "Sonic Force" Russell
#19 Michael "The Bull" Clark
#20 James "Wingman" Winger
#34 Kyle "Spiderman" Atkinson
#95 Drake "Dragon" Alcorn

Thank you TECT for sponsoring the SENIORS BANNERS for the Crusaders!!

Friday was "SPECIAL K" BASKETBALL time at WHS - visiting the Wellington Campus, the Wichita East Blue Aces!

A large crowd was on hand for this annual event, the band, the student body, an electric atmosphere, and more. Wellington students formed the pre-game FAN TUNNEL during introductions of the Blue Aces, then those same students assisted the Crusaders similarly, with their intros as well. 

It was a fun battle throughout "4" 10 minute quarters - the Blue Aces jumped out to an early lead but the hometown Crusaders battled hard and kept them in sight. 

Down only 5 at halftime, the Crusaders regathered themselves and came out ready to play...the battle continued for two more quarters, several hot shooting hands kept the home team close. With just 10 seconds left in the game, Wellington's Donovan Kreifels drained a "3", pulling the Crusaders to within 2 pts. The crowd was going wild, smiles were spreading like ripples on a pond, but the clock would run out, the visiting Blue Aces would win, final score Wichita East 46 Wellington 44...a great game by both teams - congratulations to the Blue Aces on their hard fought victory!

It's almost a perfect world at a SPECIAL K basketball game...if you take the event down to its lowest denominator, it's just "people caring about people", can't get much better than that. GREAT JOB CRUSADERS & BLUE ACES!!


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