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Young & Fehrman 3-0 Friday @ Rose Hill

Young & Fehrman 3-0 Friday @ Rose Hill

Sat, 02/08/2020 - 05:23
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Here are the updates, the most recent on top, of the wrestling action at Rose Hill Friday. Action continues today for Brennan, Kanden and Kenny. The latter two will be in their respective championship matches (195 lbs and 220 lbs). The former is on the backside of the bracket at 1-1 will need to fight his way back towards medal contention!

ASCENDING ORDER of results from Rose Hill on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020
WHS Junior Kenny Fehrman
(220 lbs) wins by decision (5-1) over Phillips of Winfield to advance to the 220 lb Championship Match (Match 465) on Saturday vs Junior Cayden Winter (19-5) of Andale. Kenny moves to 30-2 on the season! GREAT JOB CRUSADER! Keep it goin' on Saturday!!
In from Rose Hill: in semi-final mat action, WHS Senior Kanden Young (195 lbs) pinned Young (18-6) of Mulvane (3:09 mark) and moved to 32-0 on the season. Will be in the Championship Match tomorrow vs Frantz of McPherson, a 29-3 Senior - AWESOME JOB KANDEN!!! Get' er Done!!
7:00PM - just a handful of matches away from WHS Senior Kanden Young's (195 lbs) semi-final match - good luck Kanden!

Bracket was wrong for Kenny Fehrman vs Thompson of McPherson. Fehrman won by PIN, bracket shows Thompson winning...has since been corrected. Kenny moves to 29-2 on the season and will face (28-2) Phillips of Winfield in Match 310. Great Job Kenny!
5:40PM - just minutes away from Fehrman match...

In from Rose Hill: 195 lb Senior Kanden Young moves to 31-0 on the season, pinning (13-13) Lynch of Winfield at the 1:10 mark. Awesome Kanden! Up next, Young of Mulvane 18-6 (Match 307)
5:20PM - Kanden Young coming up soon - in about 10 more matches...standing by for update.

In from Rose Hill: 113 lb Senior Brennan Cantrell falls to 1-1 in action at Rose Hill today, 9-5 on the season, coming up short to Andale's Pavlacka by fall at the 1:49 mark. Brennan will move to the backside of the bracket, up next for him will be sophomore Fernandez of Hutchinson (15-13). (Match 317)
3:13PM - Brennan coming up relatively soon vs Andale kid - let's send that Crusader some winning vibes!!

Just in from Rose Hill: 220 lb Junior Kenny Fehrman moves to 28-2 on the season, pinning Hurst of Fort Scott at the 0:20 mark. AWESOME JOB KENNY!!! Up Next vs 15-1 Thompson of McPherson (Match 227)
2:33PM - About 10 matches away from 27-2 Fehrmans' first action today at 220 lbs. Stay tuned Crusader Fans!

Just in from Rose Hill: 195 lb Senior Kanden Young moves to 30-0 on the season, his 100th career win!!! Young pinned Tran of Rose Hill at the 0:48 mark. AWESOME KANDEN!! 100 CAREER WINS!!! 100 CAREER WINS!!!! Up Next vs (13-12) Lynch, a junior from Winfield. (Match 220)
1:57PM - Meet is at about match 100 now, Young is up at match 119, Fehrman at match 134...won't be long!

Just in from Rose Hill: 113 lb Senior Brennan Cantrell pinned Flower of Winfield at the 4:32 mark - awesome Brennan!! Up next for Brennan, Match 183 vs Pavlacka (26-8) of Andale.

Brennan Cantrell (113 lbs), Kanden Young (195 lbs), and Kenny Fehrman (220 lbs) are in INVITATIONAL ACTION today and tomorrow at Rose Hill...Brennan (8-4) will be up here shortly vs Flower (16-14) of Winfield. (Match 46)

(29-0) Kandens' first action will be Match 119 vs Tran (5-12) of Rose Hill.

(27-2) Kennys' first action will be Match 134 vs Hurst (11-13) of Fort Scott.


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